Monster Hunter Rise: A Complete Rampage Quests Guide


Monster Hunter: Rise is a new game that has been released on the Nintendo Switch and it’s a lot of fun. It’s incredibly addicting, but it can be hard to find all of the quests and rewards without some help. This guide will give you all of the information you need to complete every quest in the game with ease.

The monster hunter rise rampage guide is a complete guide that contains all the information on how to beat the game. It includes quests, weapons, armor and more.

What could be more exciting than fending off the frightening creature that threatens your home? Defeat a whole army of them and save your town from a rampaging stampede!

Monster Hunter Rise’s Rampage missions are a brand-new feature. This ‘mode’ mixes the familiar monster-fighting action with tower defense tactics aimed at fending off waves of monsters intent on destroying Kamura Village. It’s a deviation from standard Monster Hunter missions, and many players have struggled to defeat the Rampage and claim the spoils of victory.

We’ve put up a Monster Hunter Rise Rampage Guide to assist you with this. It includes everything you need to know about the Rampage. Preparing for the quest, utilizing and improving your hunting equipment, repelling the Horde, and completing the sub-assignments required to achieve the powerful S+ Rank are all covered in this guide.

Let’s get started!

4 Rampage Quest Preparation Tips

There are a few things you may do to prepare for the Rampage before it starts, just like any other mission. Thankfully, these preparations aren’t too unlike from what you’d do before embarking on a typical adventure. Any skilled hunter understands that little advantages add up, so here are some of our greatest Rampage preparation tips:

Minoto-1024x576 Minoto-1024x576 I’ve decided to pay a visit to my favorite Quest Maiden (don’t tell Hinoa). / Photo courtesy of Capcom

1. Use status-damaging weaponry. During the Rampage, one of the most frequent sub-assignments is to inflict status illnesses on a specific number of monsters. Though you have a few options throughout the quest, delivering status damage with your weapon while the Counter Signal is active is by far the most effective. Bring your favorite status weapon with you – they’ll all do the job, but Blast is the simplest to inflict if you want to finish that sub-assignment fast.

2. Use whichever abilities you usually use to equip yourself. Unfortunately, there isn’t an all-encompassing tier list of Monster Hunter Rise’s greatest Rampage abilities. Because none of the skills are specifically developed or suited for Rampage missions, you may use any weapon and armor skills you normally include in your build. If you want to increase your damage or survivability, you can always eat Bunny Dango, but it’s recommended to go with whatever works best for you! 

I wouldn’t recommend loading your slots (or your meals) with collecting or carving abilities, since the Rampage only has Wirebugs and Vigorwasps, and you don’t get to carve any monsters until the last Major Threat/Apex. Instead, focus on your preferred damaging and defensive abilities.

3. Bring a lot of healing supplies. You may faint as many times as you want on a Rampage mission, but it’s still not pleasant to be pulled out of the action and leave your fellow hunters waiting. The Horde will bring a lot of creatures that inflict elemental blights and status illnesses on top of normal damage, thus support items are a necessity during Rampage missions. Potions, Mega Potions, Nullberries, and Cleansers will assist you and your friends in staying in fighting condition. Plus, every faint you avoid brings you closer to finishing the low-faint sub-assignment!

4. Don’t forget to bring your Palico. This suggestion goes hand in hand with our suggestions for support products. While none of your Buddies will be able to do enough damage to assist you fight the Horde, Palicoes may provide some useful support in the form of healing, buffs, and debuffs. Check out our Palico Guide for a list of the finest Moves, Skills, and Builds to aid you in your progress!

Using Hunting Installations in Rampage Quests

When the Rampage starts, it’s time to get the region ready to confront the approaching Hordes. In this respect, Hunting Installations are the most potent element of your arsenal; you’ll depend on them as your primary damage-dealers until the Counter Signal activates.

This section of our Monster Hunter Rise Rampage Guide will go over each of the Hunting Installations in detail, as well as suggestions on how to effectively utilize them. Because some of the sub-assignments ask for you to repel monsters with a particular kind of installation, you’ll need to know how to utilize them wisely.

Types that can be mounted

When the Horde attacks, you and your fellow hunters will need to utilize Mountable Installations. They’re helpful for clearing particular sub-assignments and rapidly repelling huge groups of monsters.

manned-options-1024x576 Rampage mode hunting installations Here are a handful of your choices. / Photo courtesy of Capcom

1. Ballistae: Long-range installations that fire high-speed projectiles. They’re fantastic for hitting quick, precise shots against swift monsters or Targeter kinds that strike from afar. They may be placed anywhere in the region, and their range allows them to provide excellent protection at any point in the Horde.

Shot Type Usage
Shot by a Ballista Ammunition that is often used. You can fire several projectiles at once when your Stronghold Level is high enough.
Crag Shot Ammo that is sticky and explosive. To stun or knock creatures out of the sky, aim these bullets towards their heads.
Shot of Retreat Ammunition with a knockback effect. Put some space between yourself and the creatures assaulting your location by doing so.

2. Cannons: Mid-range installations that shoot at a slower pace. They’re not as good at single-targeting monsters, but their explosive arcs are effective against groups. Place them at the entrance to strike a swarm of monsters, or near the gate to hit a group of Gate Crashers.

Shot Type Usage
Shot from a Cannon Ammunition that is often used. You may fire several cannonballs at once if your Stronghold Level is high enough.
Shot with a charged piercing charge Ammunition that penetrates. Even when firing normal Cannon Rounds, these shots may be charged.
Thunder Shot Charged Ammunition for Thunder. This will inflict thunderblight on creatures, completing the elemental blight sub-assignment and making them easier to stun. You may charge them while firing normal bullets as well.

3. Machine Cannons: Close-range rapid-fire weaponry. They aren’t accessible right away when the Rampage begins, so you’ll have to level up your Stronghold to get them. For a close-range damage increase, place them near your gate.

Shot Type Usage
Rapid Fire Shot Ammunition that is often used. Landing hits reduces the amount of time it takes to reload, so aim wisely. Because your firing rate increases with time, it’s a good idea to hold the fire button rather than pressing it repeatedly.
Cluster Shot in a Hurry Ammunition should be spread out. These bullets have a shorter range than normal rounds, but they fire several projectiles at once, so reserve them for opponents that are well inside your range.
Shot of Silkbind Ammo enticement. Monsters are drawn closer to you as you land strikes, so utilize them to lure in enemies and prevent damage falloff while shooting. It’s also effective in luring creatures away from your last gate.

Autotypes is a term that refers to a

Auto Installations are either NPC-manned guns or traps that automatically activate when a creature enters range. Because the amount of Auto Types you can have in the region is restricted, it’s important to position them strategically while filling the remainder of the slots with Mountable Types so you have plenty of options when the Hordes arrive.

auto-guy-1024x576 Rampage mode MHR setting up defenses Am I correct in saying that you should either work hard or not work at all? / Photo courtesy of Capcom

1. Defender Ballistae: A fixed-range projectile launcher. They fire Defender Wyvernblasts that cling to enemies and explode when hit when your Stronghold Level is high enough. Place them all over the place, much like the mountable Ballistae. When they run out of ammunition, they’ll be immediately eliminated.

2. Defender Cannons: Cannonballs are fired at a set range by these cannons. They fire Defender Thunder Ammo, which deals thunderblight, when your Stronghold Level is high enough. Place them in areas where monsters naturally congregate, much as mountable Cannons. When they run out of ammunition, they’ll be immediately eliminated.

3. Wyvernfire Artillery: Proximity-based installations that burn anything in their path. Increase your Stronghold Level to unlock them. You may select between Incendiary Rounds, which shoot fireballs at their target, and a Column of Flame, which pierces through the monster, after you’ve set them up. Place them on the ground in high-traffic areas – Column of Flame is excellent for imitating fireblight in corridors!

4. Bamboo Bombs: Landmines in disguise. Increase your Stronghold Level to unlock them. Place these in high-traffic locations, and they’ll automatically detonate if a monster approaches.

Type With Restrictions

Restricted Installations are exactly what they sound like: the amount of Limited Types you may install at once is severely limited. Some of them are even limited to certain waves, so keep an eye out for them if you don’t want to miss out!

1. Dragonbait/Dragonbait Warriors: Dummies that cause surrounding monsters to get distracted. Monsters will only target them for a brief period of time, making them ideal for pairing with installations like the Dragonator, which takes a bit longer to activate and needs the monster to remain stationary for a second. Warriors are more powerful than ordinary Dragonbait and can survive an Apex attack.

2. Kamura Warriors: Kamura villagers who volunteer to assist with defenses. Each one has an own purpose, however they should all be placed in front of the gate when there are a lot of monsters around.

Warrior Usage
Fugen, the Elder All surrounding creatures are subjected to strong assaults. Because he does a lot of damage, it’s better to reserve him for the Apex, when there are a lot of monsters.
Utsushi Utsushi Utsushi Utsush Damages all creatures within his range and ties them down for Wyvern Riding with Wirebugs. When the Apex summons a Horde, use him to draw it away from your gate by playing rodeo.
Hinoa and Minoto are two of Hinoa’s children. Attackers with a long range and a high damage output. They can only be utilized in the same wave in which they were unlocked, therefore summon them when there are lots of targets to be taken out.
Iori Buddy Handler All monsters within range are affected by a blight. He can only be utilized in the wave in which he is unlocked, therefore attempt to put him as quickly as possible after unlocking him. His strike also counts toward the sub-assignment of elemental blights!
Yomogi, the chef A surprising powerhouse that functions basically as an automated machine cannon. She also increases the effectiveness of your Hunting Installations, so employ her against the Apex for a full-fledged attack on the monster and his Horde.

Type Exceptional

Finally, you may utilize a few additional installations to defeat monsters and complete some of your sub-assignments. These are typically pre-installed settings that are accessible by default.

1. Counter Gongs: Launch the Counter Signal, a time of increased assault strength that enables hunters to leave their bases and join the fight. Each region has Counter Gongs, which can only be used once. Save them at the conclusion of each Horde, when the Major Threat appears, or for when you’re in a pinch and need a boost to protect your gate.

2. Dragonators: Huge, wall-mounted lances that pierce creatures at close range. They do a lot of damage, but they have to be triggered by hand and have a long cooldown between uses.

3. Wyvernshots: Cannons that fire mortar-like weaponry that bursts violently when it hits the ground. They’re best reserved for when you’re up against the Apex, since they inflict insane amounts of damage and may make or break a battle. (The fire effects on this monster are fantastic.)

4. Power Kilns: Devices that increase the efficiency of other devices. Loading them improves the repair rate of your mountable installations and lowers the Dragonator and Splitting Wyvernshot cooldown periods. If you complete your preparations ahead of schedule and have some free time, fire up your Power Kiln to get an edge later! 

Rampage Mode: Repellent the Horde

When the Horde shows up, it’s time to put your plans on hold and battle. This section of the Rampage is very simple – simply defend the gates and stave off the approaching monsters! These Monster Hunter Rise Rampage hints will show you how to defend your gates and fight the creatures that attack them, such as the frightening Apex who leads the Horde.

Defend the Gates is a game about defending the gates.

During the Rampage, the only true objective is to protect the gates. During a Rampage quest, there are no time or faint limit limitations; the only way to fail is for the final gate to be demolished. Isn’t it simple enough?

not-so-much-1024x576 Rampage quests mode Not at all. / Photo courtesy of Capcom

1. If possible, play multiplayer games. You can’t be everywhere at once since the monsters are laser-focused on your gates. If you’re playing alone, defending your gates should be your first priority since you won’t have much time to complete sub-assignments. It’s simpler to defend your gates and get a few extra prizes when you team up with other hunters.

2. Make sure you don’t lose your first gate. This one may seem self-explanatory, but bear with me. The Apex will always rush right past your defenses to the last gate, no matter what. You’ll have a tougher difficulty defending the gate from their assaults if it’s already in poor condition when they arrive. Keep the remainder of the Horde in the first area as long as possible before the Apex comes so they don’t wear down your last gate.

durability-1024x576 Durability Icon - Rampage gate status During the Rampage, the durability symbol displays the state of your gate(s). / Photo courtesy of Capcom

Monsters must be repelled.

This is where you’ll spend the most of your Rampage time. Repelling monsters protects your gates while also checking a couple of the sub-assignment boxes, so it’s a fantastic way to finish your to-do list without doing anything extra. It’s also the greatest method to rack up points throughout the quest, so you’ve come to the correct spot if you’re wondering how to raise your Stronghold Level.

When a monster’s health is reduced, it is repulsed. You may use your Hunting Installations, weapons, and even other monsters to inflict harm. Thankfully, when big monsters are part of the Horde, they’re simpler to destroy, so you won’t have to worry about each Tetranadon requiring the customary 5–10 minutes to repel.

You won’t be able to carve the fallen creatures, but they will sometimes drop resources that you may collect after the Horde has been destroyed. The ultimate Major Threat or Apex (depending on the scope of the quest) is the only monster you can carve, so keep an eye on your Rampage mission list if you’re searching for particular pieces.

Each Horde is made up of a variety of creatures, including:

1. Stalkers are melee-attacking creatures with a hunter’s focus. They are the most dangerous to your Hunting Installations since they will approach you and your fortifications up close and personal. When they come near, keep your guard up and use the Ballista’s Retreat Shot to knock them back. After that, use a Crag Shot to stun them, then normal Ballista Shots to permanently repel them.

2. Hunter-focused creatures that attack from afar are known as Targeters. They usually fire long-range projectiles from the air, making them difficult to track. Protect yourself from their oncoming missiles, then shock and knock them out of the air with the Ballista’s Crag Shot.

3. Gate Crashers: Monsters that assault the gates rather than the defenders. Because they have thicker skins, attacking them from afar isn’t particularly successful. When they’re gathered together at the gate, use Cannon Shots and Charged Piercing Shots to attack them, or set up Machine Cannons towards the end of the area to take advantage of the high close-range damage.

(Note: In multiplayer games, have some players concentrate on Stalkers and Targeters while others resist Gate Crashers.) It’s a fantastic method to keep your gates secure without exposing yourself or your installations to other monsters.)

Ruffians are bigger and stronger monsters than the rest of the Horde. As a consequence, they’re worth more points, so pull them out for a big increase in your Stronghold Level.

5. Major Threats: Monsters in charge of the Horde as a whole. They’re stronger than ordinary monsters, similar to Ruffians, and will contribute more to your Stronghold Level when rejected. Except for the final Major Threat, which you must kill in order to finish the mission, you may resist all of the Major Threats. When the Counter Signal is activated and your weapons’ attack strength has risen, take them out.

Defeat the Apex

Apex Monsters are a unique kind of Major Threat that is much more deadly and tough to defeat. Apex Rathian, for example, is so poisonous that the poison can be seen running through her veins and dripping off her tail spikes. I’d advise against getting on her wrong side, but…they all seem to be fairly awful.

Apex Monsters appear towards the conclusion of the Rampage and are believed to be the most difficult challenge in Monster Hunter Rise. However, since their components are required for the creation of higher-end Rampage weapons, there are a few things to bear in mind while dealing with them:

1. Apex monsters are untrappable. Don’t waste traps in the hopes of obtaining a good assault window. It simply will not work, just like it did with Elder Dragons.

2. A second Horde is summoned by Apex creatures. You won’t be able to cope with the Apex alone for long, as it will summon a new wave of creatures. Make good use of your Kamura Warriors so you don’t have to rely on strong group assaults to defeat the Apex.

3. Use the Wyvernshot Splitting. Just go for it. Keep an eye on your cooldowns and use the increased damage as often as possible!

Rampage Quests with a S+ rating

If you’re wondering how achieve S+ Rank in all of the MHR Rampage quests, I’m glad to report that it’s really very simple. It all boils down to how many sub-assignments you complete; the more you do, the better your overall rating.

Sub-assignments are optional goals that you may complete during the Rampage. As the Rampage progresses, completing one will boost your Stronghold Level, and each completed sub-assignment at the conclusion of a successful mission will raise your prize rank.

Subassignments-1024x576 S+ Ranking Rampage Quests View the mission information to check your sub-assignments ahead of time. / Image: Capcom

Sub-assignments are created at random for each Rampage mission and are mentioned in the quest specifications in order of weight (effect on Stronghold Level and prize rank). This may also indicate how tough they will be to accomplish, so if the choices seem to be too difficult, consider hopping into multiplayer or cycling through the missions.

All Rampage Sub-Assignments in Monster Hunter Rise

The following is a list of all of Monster Hunter Rise’s Rampage sub-assignments. We haven’t arranged them in any particular sequence since the weight and complexity of each quest (and player) varies, but we have given some pointers on how to best finish them if they appear on your list.

Sub-Assignment Completion Suggestions
Assist in the defense of the last gate. The Rampage’s sole required objective. Keep the Hordes away from the last gate for as long as possible, then distract the Major Threat/Apex when it appears.
Faint three times or less Appearances in all Rampage quests. When required, use healing goods.
Get rid of the Apex/Major Threat Appearances in all Rampage quests. Self-explanatory.
Install Hunting Stations During the prep phase, rapidly clear this one by installing, removing, and reinstalling installations.
Defend yourself with weapons. Use the Counter Signal to your advantage.
Ballista may be used to repel. Against the Horde, use Ballistae.
Cannon is used to repel. Against the Horde, use cannons.
Machine Cannon is used to repel. Increase your Stronghold Level to unlock Machine Cannons, which you may employ against Gate Crashers at close range.
Bamboo Bomb may be used to repel. Bamboo Bombs should be placed in congested locations.
Use Wyvernfire Artillery to repel. Concentrate your efforts on congested, narrow places.
Use a Dragonator or S. Wyvernshot to get the job done. Aim for weak targets – you must repel them with the installation in order for this to count!
Monsters are repelled by Village Defender. When there are a lot of monsters around, use the Warriors of Kamura.
Inflict an elemental blight on the world. When Buddy Trainer Iori is accessible, use the Cannon’s Charged Thunder Shots, ride monsters that impose blights, or install Buddy Trainer Iori.
Inflict a status affliction on someone. Use status-damaging weapons (ideally Blast) or ride creatures that inflict illnesses.
Monsters are stunned. Use the Ballista’s Crag Shots to get headshots, or the Cannon’s Charged Thunder Shots to strike the monster’s head with your weapon.
Gather any items that have fallen on the ground. This should be done in between Hordes; don’t stop fighting while monsters are present!

Be a part of the High Ground

That concludes our Monster Hunter Rise Rampage Guide – thanks for taking the time to read it! If you have any more suggestions to offer your fellow hunters, please do so in the comments section. For more tips like this, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media.

Good luck with your search!

Monster Hunter Rise: A Complete Rampage Quests Guide is a guide that will help you get the maximum rewards for your rampage quests. Reference: monster hunter rise rampage rewards.

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How do you beat Rampage MH rise?

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What is the point of rampage quests?

Rampage quests are a mode that was added to the game after the release of Beat Saber. In these quests, you can choose from a selection of songs and play them in a random order, with the goal being to get as many points as possible.

Can you fail rampage quest?

Yes, you can fail the rampage quest.

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