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The Scrivener Quest is a new world trial that will be released on the 10th of July. This article discusses the process of making this world, and the benefits it has for players.

The trial of scrivener new world location is a trial that has been released for the Scrivener Quest and Location. This trial allows players to explore the world and build their own story.

New World Trial of the Scrivener Quest and Location - How to Complete and Reward

Factions play an important role in New World, and as you accomplish tasks for the Syndicate, you’ll eventually reach a point when the Trial of the Scrivener quest will determine your reputation. If you want to advance to the faction’s second level and unlock additional prizes, you must go to its location and complete the job you’re assigned.

Inside the town of Brightwatch, which is located in the region of Brightwood, is where you will pick up the New World’s Trial of the Scrivener task. If you haven’t been there yet, you’re probably in for a long trek.

New World Trial of the Scrivener Quest and Location - How to Complete and Reward

New World Trial of the Scrivener Quest and Location - How to Complete and Reward

Speak with Laurentius Krockes after you’ve entered. The Trial of the Scrivener mission in New World takes you to Walsham’s Field, which is south of where you are now, and asks you to collect Soul Traces from a missing Gheist Malikor.

You may either walk all the way to Walsham (follow the marker on the map) or fast travel to Shadowmine Shrine in Everfall if you have it unlocked. One thing to keep in mind is that you must be level 24 to begin the quest, which makes sense given the undead roaming the streets of Walsham.

Interact with the blue glowing object on the ground when you get closer to the mission marker to install the Trace Absorber. You’ll need to wait a minute or two if Gheist Malikor hasn’t hatched before fighting him.

At level 24, you can solo the monster, although it will be difficult since he hits hard and attacks quickly. The mission will be easier if you team up with other people.

After murdering Malikor, you must return to the area where you put the Trace Absorber and retrieve it in order to complete the Trial of the Scrivener task and receive its rewards. After that, return to Brightwatch and speak with Laurentius Krockes to complete the task.

This raises your rank to Scrivener, granting you access to a new tier of prizes available from the Syndicate’s representatives all across Aeternum as well as allowing you to earn additional Syndicate reputation. For more information on New World, check out our guide to camp levels and our article on when voice chat may be blocked.

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The new world map is a new location for the Scrivener Quest. It is a new area that will be released on December 8th, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Trial of the Scrivener?

Trial of the Scrivener is a short story written by H.P. Lovecraft and published in 1922, it is not a song or playable music.

How do I unlock Scrivener New World?

Scrivener New World is a hidden song in Beat Saber. To unlock it, you must beat the game on hard difficulty with a score of at least 1000 points.

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