Old School RuneScape changes its next League models following player feedback


Old School RuneScape is changing its next League models following player feedback. The game will be adopting a new format that will see players compete in three different leagues, with the top two teams from each league progressing to a final tournament.

The old school runescape hd update is an update to the game that includes a new graphical style and a number of changes.


The third season of Leagues in Old School RuneScape will provide players with a variety of prizes to acquire, however the first designs presented to users in late September seemed to have some flaws. Players weren’t quite satisfied with all of them, so Jagex released an update detailing modifications to the prizes’ looks ahead of the third season’s release in November. The Void Mage helm, for example, is now pointier and features a gem in the middle to keep the motif alive while still appearing nicer.

Players can also expect the Dwarven Multicannon to have a somewhat different appearance, improvements to the Abyssal Whip and Tentacle Whip to make them seem more distinct from one another, and new colors for the Rune Crossbow weapon to make it look less similar to the Mithril Crossbow. On the official site, you can get a complete preview of the changes.

Leagues will be back on November 3rd! Shattered Relics is shaping up to be the most flexible and open League ever!

? We’ve changed the prize designs in response to your comments. For additional information, see the blog.

https://t.co/zMh02hALm5 pic.twitter.com/8POvA7bMyl https://t.co/zMh02hALm5

5 October 2024 — Old School RuneScape (@OldSchoolRS)


Old School RuneScape has changed its next League models following player feedback. The new range meta will be a lot more diverse and interesting for players to play with. Reference: osrs new range meta.

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