Sea of Thieves Legend of the Sunken Kingdom Voyage Guide


Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer pirate adventure game that has players exploring the world and fighting enemies. The game offers a unique shared-world experience where players can explore, find treasure, and fight to survive.

The sea of thieves sunken kingdom guide is an interactive map that shows the location of all the Sea of Thieves Legend of the Sunken Kingdom voyages.

You’ve discovered all thirty diaries buried beneath the Siren Shrines of Sea of Thieves and read them all. It’s now up to you to face the Legend of the Sunken Kingdom Voyage and gain the Curse of Sunken Sorrow. This is a multi-part quest that will take a long time to complete. Set the kettle to boil, take a seat, and let’s get started.

First, a word of warning. This journey has just one chest and no checkpoints. Whatever you do, don’t loose it or let another scallywag ship to take it away from you. You have been warned!

Legend of the Sunken Kingdom Voyage Walkthrough in Sea of Thieves

When you first log in to Sea of Thieves and wake up from your coma at the Tavern (like any good pirate should), go outside and look for Larinna. She’s typically propped up against a post at the tavern’s entrance.

Request to go through her inventory and buy “The Legend of the Sunken Kingdom.” Place it on your ship’s journey table, and have your crew vote on whether or not to launch it.


When you start the quest, two things will appear in your quest inventory.

The first is the Golden Wayfinder compass, which, as in vault journeys, directs you in the direction of your next goal. The next note is from Humphry, written to “Gold Hoarder Eyes Only,” stating that the box has been buried and should only be picked up for good cause.

When you’re ready, set sail, heading toward where the compass leads you. It will eventually lead you to a tiny island.

Disembark your ship and follow the compass until the needle starts spinning erratically. That’s your cue that you’ve arrived at your destination. You’ll find the Forbidden Coral Chest and another of Humphry’s notes in your inventory if you dig.

Around you, Ocean Crawlers will spawn. After you’ve dealt with them, you may continue uncovering the chest. Return to your ship, take out your Golden Wayfinder, and set sail for your next stop.


The procedure for the second island visit is the same as for the first. Once you’ve made ashore, follow the Golden Wayfinder’s directions. Dig once it starts spinning.

You’ll find the Scholar’s Notes this time. Humphry reveals in the first note that the three keys that unlock the chest are concealed there. The second note is a riddle that instructs you to seek out the Hungering Shrine.

How to Get The Shrine of Hungering Key in Sea of Thieves

Sail to the Hungering Shrine. You may either find it on your ship’s map or by following the needle of the Golden Wayfinder. Dive under the waters after you’ve arrived at the shrine’s unmistakable light. The first of the keys is concealed behind a locked door, and you’re on the lookout for it.

You may remember that the Shrine of Hungering is home to sharks and Siren Statue Puzzles. Finding the three statues holding different items and striking them until their arms match their positions on a nearby cave mural are the easy tasks.

You may enter the top section after completing two of them. Ascend the shrine and look to the left of the megalodon jaw for the locked door.

Megalodon jaw in the Shrine of Hungering.

You’ll need an unique Gold Hoarder’s Medallion to unlock the door. It’s simple to locate since there’s a gold coin trail that leads back down the shrine.

Descend over a bridge constructed of big vertebrae and a shattered mast. A huge ribcage sits at the base of these bones. The medallion sits above them, snuggled on the spine, and twinkles with the same enticing gleam as the other treasure.

Recover the Forbidden Key by raising the medallion and placing it on a pedestal near the blocked entrance. The next Scholar’s Riddle will be added to your quest inventory as a result of this action.


Mermaid statues cannot deliver these keys to the surface. The best course of action is to climb to the top of the shrine and shoot the glowing red coral that has formed a barrier across the windows. Once you’ve done that, you may swim back to your ship. To unlock the first of the three locks, insert the key into the chest.

How to Get The Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune Key in Sea of Thieves

You’ll be directed to the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune by the new Scholar’s Riddle. This shrine is accessed through a series of platforming puzzles that lead to a steep climb. A huge first room, a tiny enclosed arena for a skirmish above it, and a smaller topmost chamber are all there. This is where you’ll find the Sealed Door and the Gold Hoarders Medallion.

Rotate the masts by spinning the different ship wheels, enabling you to traverse the chamber and rise higher. After spinning the third ship’s wheel and crossing the third mast, you’ll find the medallion. As you climb, it’s on a coral platform to your right.


Pick up the medallion and go towards a mermaid statue on the other side of the mast. Climb till you reach the crow’s nest and then turn around.

Jump over a short distance to a platform with the medallion in your hand. Straight ahead, slightly to the left, is the sealed door on the wall. Take the key and the riddle, and place the medallion on the pedestal.

Return the key to your ship and escape by firing another coral-sealed window.


How to Get The Shrine of Ancient Tears Key in Sea of Thieves

To unlock the second lock on the chest, use the key. The last Scholar’s Riddle directs you to the Shrine of Ancient Tears, your ultimate goal.

Make careful to bring the Forbidden Coral Chest this time. Drop down the huge hole in the floor until you reach the chamber with the large well in the middle of the shrine.

A pair of linked stairs encircle the center chamber. You’ll need to walk on each of the four pressure plates that are spaced out along this route in order.

Sprint all the way around the chamber, crossing the plates as you go, and a door will open at the upper center, where the two stairwells intersect. A red throne may be found within. One of the arms has a medallion on it.

Shrine of Ancient Tiers key location.

Pick up the medallion and exit the chamber in the same direction you entered. The sealed door will be on your left as soon as you descend to the lower level. To get the last key, open it. Place it in the Forbidden Coral Chest, then open it to discover… another key!

Okay, that was a letdown. Take the key to the alter, which is next to the closed door you just unlocked. To open a pair of doors to your left, place it in the triangle depression.


A coral-encrusted skeleton and a diary are found within. If you’ve read the previous thirty Siren Shrine Journals, you’ll be granted the Curse of Sunken Sorrow if you finish this diary.


You’ve arrived at the conclusion of a lengthy quest, having unearthed many mysteries in the forgotten diaries and unlocked the Forbidden Coral Chest. Recharge your batteries, down a grog, and prepare for the next adventure.

There are lots of riddles to solve and adventures to be had, whether it’s unlocking the crossbow or finding a penny for Poor Dougie.

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The Sea of Thieves siren shrine is a location in Sea of Thieves. It is found on the Siren’s Coast, and is guarded by two Sirens. Reference: sea of thieves siren shrine.

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